...And Now Miguel

And Now Miguel He wanted to be treated like a man not a child Every summer the men of the Chavez family go on a long and difficult sheep drive to the mountains All the men that is except for Miguel All year long

  • Title: ...And Now Miguel
  • Author: Joseph Krumgold Jean Charlot
  • ISBN: 9780064401432
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • He wanted to be treated like a man, not a child.Every summer the men of the Chavez family go on a long and difficult sheep drive to the mountains All the men, that is, except for Miguel All year long, twelve year old Miguel tries to prove that he, too, is up to the challenge that he, too is ready to take the sheep into his beloved Sangre de Cristo Mountains.When his deeHe wanted to be treated like a man, not a child.Every summer the men of the Chavez family go on a long and difficult sheep drive to the mountains All the men, that is, except for Miguel All year long, twelve year old Miguel tries to prove that he, too, is up to the challenge that he, too is ready to take the sheep into his beloved Sangre de Cristo Mountains.When his deeds go unnoticed, he prays to San Ysidro, the saint for farmers everywhere And his prayer is answered but with devastating consequences.When you act like an adult but get treated like a child, what else can you do but keep your wishes secret and pray that they ll come true.Cover illustration by Chris MilesInterior illustrations by Jean Charlot

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    • Joseph Krumgold Jean Charlot

      In addition to being a renowned author of books for young readers, Joseph Quincy Krumgold was a scriptwriter for several well known movies, including Seven Miles From Alcatraz 1942 and Dream No More 1953 While he did not have a great number of books published over the span of his writing career, Joseph Krumgold became the first author to win the John Newbery Medal for two different books, And Now Miguel published in 1953 , and Onion John published in 1959.

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    • I was impressed with this book. I came into it expecting to dislike it. I mean how can a book about a shepherd family be that exciting? But there wasn't a moment of the book that I really didn't like. I totally got Miguel's desire to grow up fast and to be a part of the annual trip to the mountains. I was entertained by his constant scheming to obtain his desire. Things went well somedays, but somedays everything fell apart, like when he fell into the wool bag, and was too embarrassed to call ou [...]

    • I'm not sure that I would have enjoyed this when I was a child, but now I can appreciate the craftsmanship, the themes, etc. The details about raising sheep are interesting, and those I would definitely enjoyed even more as a child. Also, terrific choice to introduce us to the traditions of this way of life, giving us a sense that this timeless historical fiction and then revealing that it's actually almost contemporary to its publication.I do have to admit that I'm not fond of the pictures, tho [...]

    • A friend told me this book was a must-read. I saw it on the library shelf one day while browsing and checked it out. Reading was kind of painful. I didn't really like it that much. Sure I learned all about sheep herding, never really gave sheep herding much thought before. I had a hard time with the way the book was written and how slow it moved along.

    • وقتی بچه بودم و هنوز مدرسه نمیرفتم میتونستم بخونم،این رو اولین بار قبل از مدرسه خوندم و یک بار هم چند سال بعدش شاید وقتی ۹-۱۰ ساله بودم

    • Miguel wants desperately to go with the men on the long sheep drive in the summer, but his father thinks he is too young. Miguel does everything he can to prove himself to his father, but his father's answer is still no. Finally, Miguel resorts to praying to the saint, begging the saint to find a way for Miguel to go on the drive. Miguel does not anticipate the consequences of his prayer. His father changes his mind, allowing Miguel to go, but at what cost, for what reasons?This book is a though [...]

    • Newbery Medal Winner--1954.There is a lot of information about sheep. Likea lot. In detail.There was all this build-up for a journey Miguel has been waiting and waiting to go onyou think that maybe THEN we'll stop talking about shearing sheep and marking sheep and breeding sheep and get to some excitement.Miguel leaves on his trip on page 228. There are only 245 pages.Soah. Just a lot of sheep.

    • I can sum this book up in one word: sheep. It's about sheep. If you're dying to know how to run a sheep farm, this is the book for you. Otherwise, I'd give it a pass.

    • I liked this more than I thought I would, but not much. It's by the same author as Onion John, which started off great and fizzled out. Joseph Krumgold was the first author to win two Newbery awards."The truth is, to get Pedro out of bed it is necessary to pull him by the feet, and let him fall on the floor, and then bend the mattress in half so there's no more bed anymore he can get back into.""A secret of only one person after a while gets too hard to keep. To make it real you have to tell som [...]

    • Notes:Cool facts listed about author Joseph Krumgold and the documentaries that he wrote and produced after a lucrative film career. Although And Now Miguel is certainly a worthwhile book, I believe it would not survive the competition of the 21st century. Also, the Newbery Board’s opinion might possibly have been swayed by admiration for facts noted in the first sentence above.Things I liked about the book:1. Miguel himself----a. very good at heart, and also realistic (he lied just a little, [...]

    • This one hovered between three and four stars for me, but I finally decided it earned the last star because it really was well written. I consistently felt like I should have been enjoying the book more because it the sort of thing that I generally like and was well done at the same time. I guess sometimes one is simply not in the mood for a particular book, and you shouldn't hold that against the book.For genre I marked both historical and realistic. The book was originally written in the '50's [...]

    • I'm giving this 3 stars because I somehow can't decide between 2 stars and 4 stars.I really loved certain aspects of this book: the setting, the pared-down narrative, the archetypal symbolism, and some of the characters. I even loved the voice at certain points, the little asides and observations Miguel makes about his family and community.However, I couldn't love this book all the way because I couldn't shake the feeling that the author was somehow mocking Miguel and his family. The super-collo [...]

    • I have never, ever wanted to know this much about sheepever! This book is about Miguel, a young teenage boy who wants so badly to go with the men in his family on their annual trip to the Sangre de Cristo mountains with the sheep. I didn't really ever care whether he got to or not. I think I would have preferred getting a root canal to reading one more sentence about "will he or won't he?!?" The only good thing I can say about this book is that it's very authentic in terms of the way a child thi [...]

    • 1954 Newbery Medal recipient.3.5 stars. Slow, thoughtful, and philosophical. I enjoyed it, even with its long descriptions of Miguel's life tending sheep. "…and now Miguel" ends very well, with the last 60 or so pages being quite good.However, this is another example of a Newbery winner that adults think kids should read rather than one kids will actually read and get something from.

    • Probably the first book I found myself skipping through. I don't know why, but nothing about this interested me at all, and I had the worst time getting through it for a book report.

    • Newbery Award: 1954Miguel Chavez, 12, wants nothing more than to become one of the men in his family and drive the sheep from their winter home on the ranch to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains for their summer time home. He idolizes his big brothers, but none more so than Gabriel, who is good at everything. He prays to the village's patron saint, San Ysidro who is also the patron saint of farmers to make his dream come true. He watches, listens, and learns everything he can to make his case more f [...]

    • As a 4th- or 5th-grader at Hayesville Elementary in Keizer, OR, I stumbled across this book in the school library. I don't recall why I decided to check it out. More than 50 years later, I could only vaguely recall the storyline. I certainly didn't remember that the book's protagonist was based on a real person, or that the book was a Newbery winner. I only remembered the titled that the story had moved me. Having just reread it, I believe the reason was because this was possibly the very first [...]

    • Odd that so many young people that review this book give it more an average of 2 stars. Yes, there is a lot of information about sheep dawww that is what a lot of this book is about so there should be. Then what is being missed is the lessons to be learned. As a senior, I totally enjoyed learning more about raising sheep than I ever thought I wanted to know, but I thought the lessons Miguel learned were lessons which we could apply to ourselves.

    • If you are looking for something really dull, this is it. The good news is that I bought a hardcover copy for fifty cents about a year ago at a librabry book sale. The bad news is that it was overpriced.

    • This book was a bit slow. I liked the main character, Miguel. The author did a great job of telling the story from Miguel's young perspective.

    • Wow. This book could have been half its size if the main character wasn't didn't ask everyone to repeat everything they told him two or three times. Geesh.

    • This was boring. And slightly poorly written. I'm not sure how it won, it must have been a bad year for children's literature.

    • A little slow but had beautiful parts. I'm curious how well it might speak to today's preteens but I felt like the author captured some universal feelings in a unique voice.

    • This was just an "ok" read. Nothing out of the ordinary, in my opinion. Trying to understand why it was a Newbery winner

    • 54 1954: And Now Miguel by Joseph Krumgold (Crowell) (checked out)7/13/13 (245 pages)This book was written by the same author as Onion John. As it turns out, the books were meant to be two of a trilogy of coming-of-age books for young boys. Knowing that added to the meaning of the book.Miguel is a 12 year old boy living in New Mexico. His family are sheepherders and his goal is to be invited to go with the men and older brothers to the summer sheep camp. There, they spend the three months of the [...]

    • This book is about a boy named Miguel who has a wish to go to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with his father, brother, and uncles to take care of of the sheep during the summer. Miguel is a very thoughtful, hardworking boy. He wants to be noticed. I loved his brother Pedro and little sister Faustina. For a little while his father and uncles seemed really tough for me to like but I warmed up to them at the end. I liked this book. It started off slow and I wasn't sure what to think about it at fir [...]

    • Miguel is living in New Mexico, in a family of shepherds. Every summer, to give their pastures a break and to give the sheep a break from the heat, the men in the family drive the sheep up to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Miguel is twelve, and thinks he is old enough to go too, but his father disagrees. Miguel tries many times to convince him, coming up with plans and taking advantages of opportunities, such as finding a small bunch of sheep who had wandered away from his brother, to no avail. [...]

    • I'd really prefer to give this 2.5 stars, but as that's not one of the choices and it definitely isn't a 3, here you go with 2.I'm behind on book reading, book reviewing, library fines, and work, so I'm not really going to write a review. I'm just going to say that this had the potential to be a great book. The story itself is good, and interesting, and sort of charming, and I could definitely relate to Miguel. However, the grammar choices were well, disturbing and possibly even offensive. That [...]

    • I didn't finish this one as the main character was too flat for me and unrelatable. This might still be a good book for the right readerMiguel see things very simply and wants to prove himself in rural New Mexico.

    • The title of my book was and now miguel. The author of my story is Joseph Krumgold. this book or story is based on a true story. The main charecters of my story are miguel who is not patient and gabriel who is the totall opposite of miguel, he is patient and more reliable. i think the theme of my story was to never get your hopes upd now miguel is set during the 1950s, in those times it was lonely , a little later after the great depression. this story is based on a hard working family that work [...]

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