The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier

The Ledge An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier On June two best friends summited Mount Rainier Within hours their exquisite accomplishment would be overshadowed by tragedy On their descent Jim Davidson fell through an ice bridge on Rai

  • Title: The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier
  • Author: Jim Davidson Kevin Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9781452602745
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Audio CD
  • On June 21, 1992, two best friends summited Mount Rainier Within hours, their exquisite accomplishment would be overshadowed by tragedy On their descent, Jim Davidson fell through an ice bridge on Rainier s northeast flank, plunging eighty feet into a narrow crevasse inside the Emmons Glacier and dragging Mike Price in after him Mike fell to his death Jim, badly injureOn June 21, 1992, two best friends summited Mount Rainier Within hours, their exquisite accomplishment would be overshadowed by tragedy On their descent, Jim Davidson fell through an ice bridge on Rainier s northeast flank, plunging eighty feet into a narrow crevasse inside the Emmons Glacier and dragging Mike Price in after him Mike fell to his death Jim, badly injured and armed with minimal gear, faced an almost impossible climb back out of the crevasse, up a nearly vertical ice wall Mourning his friend s death, he miraculously climbed out of the crevasse and lived to relate his experiences Told in parallel narratives of the tragedy and the climbers lives, The Ledge is both a riveting, wrenching story and an inspirational adventure tale.

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    • “Resources in this world are not distributed evenly, especially the precious gift of time.”When you take risks, the consequences can be horrible and deadly. If you don't take risks, the consequences will eventually be deadly anyway, it just may take longer. Jim Davidson and Mike Price, climbing buddies and friends, took the risks and Mike paid with his early death. Jim, given the situation he was in, should have died. He didn't. This story tells how the two men came to be stuck on a tiny sno [...]

    • A good read about based on a 1992 climbing accident where two climbers fell through a snow bridge while descending Mt Rainier. One of the climbers is killed and the other goes through the lifesaving efforts, then the grief and then his self rescue out of the crevasseThe authors, one of whom is the surviving climber, do a great job of giving the background and life of both climbers before the accident. By the time the accident occurs you feel that you know both the climbers and their passion for [...]

    • Every year, two or three people die on Mount Rainier. In 1992, Mike Price was one of those people. To the world at large, his death went mostly unnoticed, another routine climbing fatality, no doubt recorded only in his hometown paper and perhaps the Seattle media. To his climbing partner, Jim Davidson, however, Mike's death and the accident that caused it were life altering events. Davidson's book, The Ledge, tells the story of how he survived the accident and what he learned about himself from [...]

    • I think much of this story is false.The author made many stupid choices on this trip.1. He didn't camp at thumb rock, circa 10,000'the normal camp because it's a safe place to spend time. Instead they spent the night hanging from ice screwsat a ridiculous location.2. They camped above 14,000' the next night despitesome altitude sickness problem which they couldn't knowwhether would get worse during the night.3. They glissaded down a crevassed glacier despite warnings not to.4. Instead of plunge [...]

    • Last year, I spent 4 straight weekends on Mt. Rainier. I helped teach a class on crevasse rescue, backcountry skied on the Muir Snowfield, Climbed Little Tahoma, and on the fourth week tried to climb all the way to the top with two friends. All three of us had the experience and technical know how to make it to the top. We planned a three day trip, up the most commonly climbed route, in order to give us time to acclimatize and give us the best chance to get to the top. But on day three, freezing [...]

    • Father’s Day, June 21 1992. Jim Davidson and good friend and climbing partner Mike Price have just summited Mount Rainier via the more dangerous Liberty Ridge route and you’d think the decision to take the more heavily travelled Emmons glacier route back down would be the easiest part of the climb, but no…it wasn’t quite time to let their guard down. As careful as they are to test the glacier surface for unseen dangers, tragedy strikes when Jim missteps and tumbles into a hidden crevasse [...]

    • I am on a roll with the books this year (knock on wood). Still waiting for the first clunker, lol. This book was NOT it.Honestly, I'm really not normally a person who cries when reading. The Housekeeper and the Professor touched me and brought a tear to my eye, but like sobbing? Um, no. Maybe it is premenopause. I don't know, but this book really made me cry. The author does a really great job of putting the reader in the midst of a life threatening crisis in a way that you are practically in hi [...]

    • Witnessing the death of a friend is never easy, but doing so at the bottom of a crevasse while in a life threatening situation is downright devastating. Jim Davidson recalls the fateful day on Mount Rainier when he tumbled 80 feet into a crevasse, pulling his climbing partner Mike Price in after him in a fall that would take Mike’s life. Remarkably, Jim survived without major injuries, but he must make the most technically difficult climb of his life if he wants to save himself and recover Mik [...]

    • In The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier, Jim Davidson, with the help of Kevin Vaughan, shares some of his life's experiences, especially with mountain climbing. The main focus of The Ledge is the climb of Mt. Rainer he and his friend Mike Price undertook almost 20 years ago, in June 1992. This challenging climb changed Jim Davidson's life forever and took Mike's life. During the climb, Jim and Mike broke through a snow bridge and fell 80 feet into a glacial c [...]

    • Much better than the usual stuff in this genre. Davidson is a more reflective soul. There's none of this business about "assaulting" the mountain. The ego is toned down. My only complaints are in the structure--the way the prologue wording is repeated later in the book, and other repetitions. And in the way Davidson goes out of his way to justify telling his story. That needed no justification, IMO. I was a little pissed at him for not calling Price's parents from his hotel room immediately afte [...]

    • As an adventure journalist I have the opportunity to meet some amazing people. And it was through the magic of social media that I became friends with climber, writer and public speaker Jim Davidson. We first got acquainted on Facebook. But last year we met in person at a café in the Canadian Rockies, a town called Banff. There he told his incredible story of friendship, adventure and survival that’s the subject of his new book, “The Ledge”. On a routine decent of Mt. Rainer Jim and his c [...]

    • Overall a good story of Jim's tragic account during a climb on Mount Rainier, and the circumstances he had to overcome to survive (although his friend Mike did not). I found it informative and contemplative, and wondered how I would have handled it if faced with a similar situation. There were some parts of the book which I thought were far longer than they needed to be. His account of climbing out of the crevasse seemed to take a long, long time to describe. Also the end of the book (after bein [...]

    • A quick read. I have read many, many books about mountaineering, so if one had to compare this to any of those, it is not the most exciting or memorable. In addition, I sometimes do not trust "the story" when the author uses a co-author. In any case, the story is heartfelt. In addition, it gave me a new admiration (and fear) of Mt. Rainier, one of those mountains I thought I could knock off during a long vacation. I would still like to climb Mt. Rainier, but it is not the simple climb some peopl [...]

    • I’ve been enthralled with survival tales for years, and this one did not disappoint. Having read Into Thin Air, this book offers a more emotional tale of losing a friend and partner, while also describing the technical feats that I imagine professional climbing readers would enjoy. For a layperson, it was still very enjoyable to hear Jim’s harrowing tale of climbing out of an 80 foot crevasse after having been buried in snow and losing his partner. My favorite part was the in-depth breakdown [...]

    • The first few chapters and the last few are just fair. I was largely transfixed by the meat of the book, a long account of the author's efforts to extricate himself after falling deeply into a crevasse on Mount Rainier. If this means anything to you - "Now that I have the rope free, I tie one end to my leg loops and waist harness. At the other end, I weave a figure-eight-on-a-bight knot and clip it to our anchor screw with a locking binder. I wrap my Prusik loop around the climbing rope just a f [...]

    • One of my (weird) favorite genres in literature is "mountain climbing disaster" books. I love "Into Thin Air," "Buried in the Sky," etc. I could gobble these tales up 24/7."The Ledge" was straight-up nightmare fuel for me. As a claustrophobic person with fears of both mountain climbing and suffering where people can't find me, this book was too much. I listened to it on audio, but there were times I needed to shut it off. Hearing the description of the crevasse, how tight it all was, being burie [...]

    • Although the backstory of his youth was relevant, the book’s great start bogged down in it for a few chapters, before ultimately ending up as an engaging and inspiring adventure story. I saw Davidson speak at a corporate event, and the book is true to his voice.I can't imagine what it was like to endure survivor’s guilt after he made an incredible climb out of a crevasse on Rainier after a fall that killed his close friend and climbing partner. I have nothing remotely close in my life to com [...]

    • What an incredible survival story! I've read lots of accounts of people climbing Mount Everest and how treacherous that is, but I had no idea that Mount Rainer could be almost just as dangerous. This was a fascinating story to read. I wish the author had taken pictures of being in the actual crevasse. There was a small to-scale drawing in the book to show the layout of the crevasse, and I liked seeing all the other pictures too, but I wish I could have gotten a better visual sense of it. His des [...]

    • After reading The Ledge by Jim Davidson, I believe the author did a good job in explaining his struggle for survival throughout the book. When Jim the main character was climbing up the crevasse in his mind he was saying “ You've never climbed anything like this in your life. What makes you think you can climb it now, all beat up and scared? Without any mistakes? If something goes wrong, you'll wind up at the bottom of this crevasse. Alone. Corked. That's where you'll stay.”(pg.144)This real [...]

    • A true survival storyIt is cool to have some background that lead up to the main story. The fall was heart wrench that made me want to keep going with the story. This book is definitely good read and not too complex. However, I did need to look up some climbing gears and techniques terminology in the dictionary. Always keep going!

    • The best mountaineering book I've ready to date. This could be because now I know the specifics of the what these climbers are actually talking about. Gear, rope, knotsols, logistics these were all abstract concepts before. This is the first book I've read since climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's. Also, he's just a really good writer.

    • Listened to this CD book with our 11 year old son while summer driving. He throughly enjoyed listening and retained much of the suffering and growth Jim Davidson experienced. As I am not an ice climber, some of the detail was long, but for enthusiasts, it would be relished

    • A quick read. A cathartic memoir of a climbing adventure with a good friend that ended in tragedy. Good technical information about extreme climbing that is understandable to the fascinated novice.

    • Book DescriptionThe Ledge tells the story of Jim Davidson and Mike Price’s ascent of Mt. Rainier and the accident that left them trapped 80 feet down a crevasse after a snow bridge collapsed (Price did not survive). The first part of the book sets the stage for the fall into the crevasse and provides background on Davidson and Price. We then move to the heart of the book, which is the ascent of Mt. Rainier (in which Davidson and Price tried a risky new ascent route) and the accident that takes [...]

    • Won an advanced copy of this book on the "First Reads" giveaway! This is a wonderful book with a story reminiscent of Touching the Void - although not quite as unbelievable as that.Every time I watch Touching the Void, I think, this can't all be trueI still have my doubts about all the details. Although, I have never read the book, which might give a more accurate story, the movie makes me feel like some of the story is made up just to market it. With this book though (The Ledge) you get a stor [...]

    • In June 1992, Jim Davidson and his friend, Mike Price, set out to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. It was after the successful achievement of their goal, as they began their descent, that disaster struck; the climbers, tethered together, plunged through a snow bridge softened by the sun and into a huge crevasse, landing on a 14 square foot ledge some eighty feet below the surface. Price was injured fatally during the fall; Davidson, the less seasoned of the two, was left to struggle alone for [...]

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