Warm Up

Warm Up It s been days since David died and came back He may have survived the avalanche but the aftermath has been far worse His wife moved out taking his son with her and a devastated David hasn t le

  • Title: Warm Up
  • Author: V.E. Schwab Victoria Schwab
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been 297 days since David died and came back.He may have survived the avalanche, but the aftermath has been far worse His wife moved out, taking his son with her, and a devastated David hasn t left his house since, terrified of the mysterious new power that followed him home from the ill fated expedition.After months in seclusion, David s ready for a fresh start, andIt s been 297 days since David died and came back.He may have survived the avalanche, but the aftermath has been far worse His wife moved out, taking his son with her, and a devastated David hasn t left his house since, terrified of the mysterious new power that followed him home from the ill fated expedition.After months in seclusion, David s ready for a fresh start, and ventures out, determined to keep his power in check But David s power isn t the one he needs to worry about.

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    • I wrote this in an Edinburgh coffee shop called Spoon, sitting across from Rachel Hawkins. And I'm quite fond of it. I will give you a hint, though: the man who shows up at the end is one of the main characters in VICIOUS.

    • And to think that some authors need +500 pages to create an atmosphere and characters we care about.

    • 3.5/5 StarsWarm Up is a prequel novella to V.E Schwab's "Vicious". After finishing Vicious, I go straight into reading this and I find it quite interesting to read. It shows the perspective through the eye of David, one of the victim to one of the main character in Vicious, (view spoiler)[Eli (hide spoiler)]. There's nothing else to talk about this novella since it's only 15 pages long and it will took you probably 10-15 minutes to finish but if you love Vicious, I really suggest you read it. It [...]

    • This was excellent. I don't necessarily think it adds anything to the story, but if you enjoyed Vicious then this is a nice addition. I am planning on rereading Vicious soon so this helped me want to do that sooner!!

    • Have all my love. And more.Again, Schwab wrote exactly what I wanted, without me even knowing that I wanted it in the first place.I just got the feeling that I really need to reread Vicious. And I also a really need the movie adaptation. And the ADSOM TV-show. And more Victoria Schwab books. Soon. Now.Find more of my books on Instagram

    • Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature. I read V.E. Schwab’s Vicious, a dark fantasy about superpowered antagonists, a couple of weeks ago, and found out that she published a Tor short story set in the same universe at about the time Vicious came out. “Warm Up” follows a day in the life of David, an EO (Extra-Ordinary; i.e a superpowered person), who’s had a rough time with life since he was resuscitated from clinical death, after being caught in an avalanche while mountain cli [...]

    • 3.5 starsYou can read this story here.An interesting story. I seriously need to read a V.E. Schwab book as soon as possible. I really enjoyed reading this and I'm probably going to read her A Darker Shade of Magic as soon as the third book in the series comes out. Guess who likes to spoil themselves if the ending is good? This girl.

    • You can read this short story for free on Tor.I knew from the beginning of this short story that I would love this world. The author's writing completely captivated me, while I was being immersed in this unique and complex world. I've been on the fence about reading Vicious forever, but this completely sold me.This is about a man that is rescued from a tragic ice climbing trip, which the rest of his crew did not survive. He narrowly escapes his death, but now has a side effect; He emits heat fro [...]

    • 7 out of 10ревью на русском/review in russianI didn't know that I had to read this short-story before Vicious, it could help to understand a few things sooner that I did while reading the main book, but I could be spoiled on a few things too (view spoiler)[(religious fanatic came to kill an EO, who is he, duh) (hide spoiler)]. So it's ok, if you like me would read this bonus after Vicious. In this story we see a man whose life had changed. He nearly died and got a power: now he can [...]

    • Incredibly atmospheric and well written. I think this should be read before reading Vicious. I'm 25% done with it, but ehhh, it still doesn't count as read, does it? And that ending tho I'm glad Vicious is already published.Superpowers + death themes + mystery = Vane like.

    • A short but interesting novella I have heard of V.E. Schwab before but only just now got around to ordering the first book. Saw this little story pop up on my feed and figured I'd give it a shot.Knowing not much about the world the story in set in I thought I'd be confused at first but it was very easy to follow the story. It starts off slow, introducing you to David:"He wasn't quite sure when he made it, somewhere between turning on the shower and stepping in, perhaps, or pouring the milk and a [...]

    • 4.5 Stars. This was a good way to be introduced to the world of Vicious. I don't know if it would be better to read this after Vicious because tbh I'm like: What the hell happened? For example.The main character in this novela is called David Lane and as I know the main character in Vicious is called Victor Lane --------------------------I was wrong!! The main character is called Victor Vale, not Lane Hehe. Sorry for the mistake.

    • Read it here. Warm Up is an interesting short story, but it's unfortunately not incredibly noteworthy. Backstory for one more EO is fun and interesting, but this story was too short to offer anything revolutionary. It's still a decent story and I recommend giving it a try if you liked Vicious, especially since it's free and short, but it's not a must-read.

    • I guess this is a good start? Like, I'm REALLY intrigued now and definitely want to know more about this world and this weird man at the end what's going on?! I'm starting Vicious right now - SO EXCITED! :D

    • I read this while I was having breakfast because I just couldn't help craving more of the Vicious universe and characters right that second, and it was a good choice. It made me late, but it also made the start of my day that much better.It's really, really short - just a slice of life, really - but it plunges you back into the Vicious world so swiftly it makes your head spin.Schwab's writing is clear and visual and her characters are deeply human, despite the superpowers.Top notch stuff, this s [...]

    • It's been 297 days since David died and came back to life, 294 days since his wife left him and 293 days since he left his house thanks to the scary new ability his near death experience seems to have given him.Warm Up is a short story set in the same world as V.E. Schwab's that can be read for free on the Tor website. It's a great little intro to a dark world where some people have superhero type powers and have to learn how to control them. One of the main characters from Vicious makes an appe [...]

    • 5 Stars Warm up warm up warm up, he’d thought, the plea like a pulse, soft and slowing until the air ran out, and his thoughts froze, and his heart stopped. Captivating and emotive in just a few pages.

    • Once again Schwab created a little book with perfect atmosphere with great writing that I ended up really enjoying, but something short like this has to be really phenomenal to deserve more than 3 stars from me.

    • Warm up, he willed, but only the cold was there to meet him. The cold and quiet.I find it difficult sometimes to rate novellas and short stories, especially when I read them before the first installment of a series. With that being said, I thought this little prequel was so engaging and quite easy to rate. It's amazing what only 15 pages can make you feel. From the beginning, we are introduced to David, a man who, needless to say, has had a rough past. Instantly, I felt sympathy for him, feeling [...]

    • Yay, my dreams for more works set in the Vicious universe are coming true :D (also the sequel is coming out? or are those just rumours?)This was a super quick read, and a really thrilling too! It was very nice to go back to that world and sneak a peek of the way some characters were before Vicious C:

    • 3.5 starsWarm Up is a very short(I want more!) glimpse into the world of Vicious. David's story intrigued me from the beginning, his feelings make a definite impression. Compelling writing style and vivid prose. A good introduction to Vicious.

    • This novella was a great addition to the Vicious world, specially because it enabled me to fully visualise the impacts that the Vicious main characters' actions had in other people's lives. Also, it was very interesting to read about the way David dealt with his "condition" and what it brought him.

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