Taken by Storm

Taken by Storm Lives depend on two women when a train derails high in the remote Alps but an unforgiving mountain avalanches crevasses and other perils stand between them and safety Associated Press reporter Hud

  • Title: Taken by Storm
  • Author: Kim Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9781626391895
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lives depend on two women when a train derails high in the remote Alps, but an unforgiving mountain, avalanches, crevasses, and other perils stand between them and safety.Associated Press reporter Hudson Mead is an extreme skiing enthusiast who has covered war zones and natural disasters during her long and distinguished career, but nothing could have prepared her for theLives depend on two women when a train derails high in the remote Alps, but an unforgiving mountain, avalanches, crevasses, and other perils stand between them and safety.Associated Press reporter Hudson Mead is an extreme skiing enthusiast who has covered war zones and natural disasters during her long and distinguished career, but nothing could have prepared her for the challenges she ll face when the snow train she s riding is decimated by a massive avalanche.Librarian Steffi Graham, on her first trip abroad, is anxious to hone her rock climbing skills in a new and unfamiliar terrain of ice and snow She gets much than she bargained for when her talents put her on the team that goes for help.As the two strangers struggle to reach civilization, they must compromise and learn to trust each other, a task that may be nearly as difficult as the journey itself.

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    About “Kim Baldwin

    • Kim Baldwin

      Kim has made her living as a writer for than three decades, working as an Emmy winning journalist in network news for twenty years before she began penning fiction She resides in a national forest in Michigan, with few neighbors and a long drive to get to the nearest airport, movie theater, or ethnic restaurant She never imagined herself a novelist, her first book, Hunter s Pursuit, was written as a way to fight off cabin fever during a long winter and was sent off to a publisher at the encouragement of friends The positive feedback she received from readers hooked her to continue writing romantic lesbian adventures.Travel is a major obsession Kim first went to Europe at age fourteen, traveling with her parents on a five week excursion through a dozen countries Four years later, she returned as part of a singing and dancing troupe, performing in town squares and castles and staying with local families The decades since have been filled with many far flung excursions riding a camel at the Pyramids of Giza, crossing the U.N green line at Cyprus, dogsledding above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, watching Paris awaken from atop Notre Dame Cathedral, motorcycling the Blue Ridge parkway, watching shuttles launch from a kayak near Cape Canaveral, skiing Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, climbing Diamondhead in Hawaii Her travels and journalism background provide great fodder for her novels And her younger years in community theater have paid off in her new passion narrating audiobooks.Kim is a member of PAN Published Author s Network , Romance Writers of America, and the Rainbow Romance Writers, Chapter 217 of the RWA She s also a 2008 Recipient of an Alice B Readers Appreciation Award The Alice B Medal This award is given annually to living writers who have careers distinguished by consistently well written stories about lesbians The award is given once, only, in appreciation of career achievement from the author s website

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    • I was provided a free download of Taken by Storm by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Net Galley and the publisher, Bold Strokes Books, for this opportunity.Taken by Storm, by veteran author Kim Baldwin, is a captivating read. I have always been fascinated by stories involving natural disasters, especially when snow and ice is involved. The main premise of this book relates to a passenger train that is derailed and buried by an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. The ma [...]

    • Well written action packed story, with full of twists and turns, and a bit of romance mixed in as well . it was very hard to put the book down, until I reached the very last page.

    • Wow, what a thrilling ride (literally). I don't want to give away too much, experience it yourself. I love the setting (the Swiss Alps) and Kim Baldwin did an awesome job with creating two wonderful main characters (and lots of supporting ones) who take you by storm and make you fall in love with them. I had to finish the story in one go because I wanted to know how it all will end. It's not a dabbling romance, it's a struggle for survival, a battle against time and nature. Take your seat, buckl [...]

    • All aboard Taken by Storm is a gripping adventure story with a dash of romance that tells the story of Hudson and Steffi (along with a handful of other characters) who fight for survival after an avalanche hits and buries the train car they were traveling in on the Bernina Express. The author paints a wonderful, yet terrifying, picture of the Swiss Alps and the drastic measures needed to survive the elements with limited resources after such a catastrophic natural disaster. PS - love the book co [...]

    • Although the ending seemed rushed, I enjoyed this read and learned quite a bit about survival, climbing and how various people respond in a crisis. Hudson Meade and Steffi Graham are likable because they have purpose, drive and want to do good. Secondary characters were varied which provided an interesting back drop. Hummm Romance? or Adventure? Read and decide.

    • 3.5 rounded to 4. Another good book by Baldwin. She tends to write many books about the outdoors and I seem to gravitate to that type (Beautiful, outdoorsy lesbians anyone? Yes!) This one has a good story and I found the climbing sequences interesting and suspenseful. Thumbs up, Kim

    • *I was provided a free download of Taken by Storm by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to Bold Strokes Books for affording me this opportunity.* Lives depend on two women when a train derails high in the remote Alps, but an unforgiving mountain, avalanches, crevasses, and other perils stand between them and safety.Associated Press reporter Hudson Mead is an extreme skiing enthusiast who has covered war zones and natural disasters during her long and distinguished career, b [...]

    • Hudson Mead is a badass AP reporter who has seen more than most, and survived it. In her recreation time she goes extreme skiing with her buddy and cameraman. This year it’s the Alps, and they are taking the scenic route. Librarian Steffi Graham seems like a bit of a wallflower. First time abroad, new to extreme climbing, lacking self-confidence and way beyond her comfort zones. But when a train wreck forces them to work together to try and save the survivors it is their complimentary skills a [...]

    • I just finished reading Taken by Storm last night. Curse you, Kim Baldwin, I couldn't put the damn book down. I had to stay up until 12:30 because I just had to finish it. I love stories about people thrown into extreme survival situations, in extreme conditions, in far off places. I'm fascinated in both books and movies by how characters react when faced with life and death it's a great pressure cooker for character flaws to reveal themselves. Those individuals who horde water and food vs those [...]

    • Adventure and angst in the Alps. This novel by Kim Baldwin is definitely more about the train wreck in the Alps, how the characters handle the situation and how they get out of it more than the budding romance. Actually I didn't quite feel the romantic connection but the adventure and suspense make up for that. I'm a sucker for survival stories and this is a good one. There are characters that die and it's done in a way real to life with no preamble. There aren't any meaningful last conversation [...]

    • Wow. It seems I've been waiting forever for Kim's next romance and "Taken by Storm" does not disappoint. I stayed up all night reading this tense account of the Swiss Alps, mountain-climbing and a desperate rescue. Kim uses her insider knowledge of American media (people who don't work in the business almost never get it right) and her extensive travel experience to build an authoritative story. It's her characters, however, who make this a story you can't put down. As always, even the secondary [...]

    • Everyone hates Fox News right?Kim Baldwin always writes good adventures and this one is no different. Nice plot, interesting characters and a tidy resolution.

    • Scary good. Even if the first half is a little slow, I couldn't put it down. Not bad at all if you're into adventure and extreme survival situations.

    • This is such a great jouney! Its incredible how the story goes. It was thrilling and hardly to put it down, because you want to know what happened next. I think it’s a bit slow at the start. But yeah such a great experiences. I love everyone is working together to survive and willing to help each other. There are part have a touching moment that made me to tear as well.

    • Great action packed story starring Hudson and Steffi as main characters also has a strong likeable back cast too. from start to finish Taken by storm keeps you wanting to read more. if you love action you will love this. another Kim Baldwin great 5⭐

    • I really enjoyed this book. Some of that was based on my preexisting knowledge of Zurich. It was fun knowing exactly what was being described in the city. That aside, I felt that all off the characters were important. It's the first book I've read in awhile where the ensemble plays a key role in the plot and maintaining the momentum. It also makes me very glad I never took a ride on the Bernia Express.

    • I clearly didn’t read the Netgalley summary close enough because I wasn’t expecting this book to be as much of an adventure story as it turned out to be. When I check Netgalley, my first category is the gay&lesbian books because I just can’t help myself and most of them are about gay men. Totally valid but really not what floats my boat so I usually latch on to every lesbian book release that sounds halfway decent (and then some) in the hopes to find something worthwhile.So, ‘Taken b [...]

    • A rather engaging find.Baldwin really knows how to carve meaningful characters out of an otherwise benign premise. I honestly think that the character dynamics -- most obviously between Steffi and Hudson -- are sharper and more focused when there's nothing at stake; and this narrative precision is what allowed the author to turn TAKEN BY STORM from an intriguing survival story and transform it into a modest surveillance of emotional/relational discord.It's not an easy task, to make an accomplish [...]

    • Lives depend on two women when a train derails high in the remote Alps due to an avalanche. Hudson Mead who is an extreme skier and Steffi Graham who is a rock climber set out over deadly terrain to get help for the others who are buried in the train under the snow from the avalanche some severely injured with sparse food available. Steffi is a librarian who does not have much experience in the harsh dangerous ice and snow conditions and to make the situation more difficult has a lack of confide [...]

    • Got an advance copy from NetGalley for an honest review.I absolutely loved this story. From the very beginning it captured my attention and kept it there until the very end. I loved how it had the different points of views, you got to see what happend at the same times from different people. Hudson and Joe are amazing and I felt so bad for them, they finally get a chance at a vacation only to have it ruined by an avalanche. Not only do they suffer broken bones but Hudson also finds love which I [...]

    • Steffi Graham is on a break from embarking on new romantic relationships. She falls too hard and too fast, and has developed, from experience, the maturity necessary to recognize that she needs to sort herself out before risking repeating this pattern again. We know this because the author tells us so. Repeatedly.A quick glance at the pulpier of the pulp novels I mark as "read" -- and occasionally highly rate -- here on will tell you that I am all too willing to suspend disbelief in the name of [...]

    • I received this book from Netgalley for a review. This was a really great read. Full of action that keeps you hanging on by your fingernails. The story starts off with Steffi Graham who is a librarian in small town in Washington state. She finally decides to stop fantasizing about her vacations that she keeps reading about and to finally take one.She goes with her fellow librarian friend, Kris, and goes on an ice climbing adventure in Switzerland and Italy. Along the way she meets Hudson Mead wh [...]

    • This was a really excellent read. One of the best Bold Strokes Books titles I've come across.It starts a little bit slowly, giving the background of our two main characters. It's also told in alternating POV, a fact which confused me at first (I apparently hadn't paid enough attention to the characters' names, and was wondering why the librarian was suddenly at a news awards ceremony). Once they meet, though, the action takes off. The survivalist aspects of this novel were really spectacular. I [...]

    • I did the audio version of this novel. The narrator does a good job. The story is interesting. Hudson is a famous reporter who goes everywhere and does pretty much everything. She's fearless, noble, and pretty much all around awesome. Steffi is a more down to earth character. Both have their own skill sets they bring to the table which helps the ladies rescue their friends and fellow train mates when their train is hit by an avalanche. The relationship buildup is pretty good but at times it seem [...]

    • Wow!I'm seriously impressed with this author Kim Baldwin. Her scenic descriptions are to die for and no I'm not kidding. You feel like you are there. Her books are very easy to read. They have a bit of everything. Adventure, romance, great characters and some of the best scenery around. (although the last part you need to close your eyes and use your own imagination). She's an excellent author, one which I will most definitely looking for in the future. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

    • This is a ripper. It took a lot of discipline to actually put the book down at 3am rather than keep reading. The characters, especially the main characters Hudson and Steffi, are well developed and have a sense of reality which is refreshing in lesbian romantic fiction. Baldwin again sets the action against the clock to increase the tension, and we get to watch the characters fight for survival. Baldwin obviously has a good understanding of the snow environment and the character's backstories, a [...]

    • This was possibly more of an adventure book than a romance book, although there is a nice romance thread between the two main characters. I really enjoy stories where a group of characters are thrown together in a survival situation. I love to see how characters evolve and reveal themselves when faced with life threatening scenarios.

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