Empire of Dust

Empire of Dust Mega corporations powerful than any one planetary government use their agents to race each other for resources across the galaxy The agents or psi techs are implanted with telepath technology The

  • Title: Empire of Dust
  • Author: Jacey Bedford
  • ISBN: 9780756410162
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mega corporations, powerful than any one planetary government, use their agents to race each other for resources across the galaxy The agents, or psi techs, are implanted with telepath technology The psi techs are bound to the mega corps that is, if they want to retain their sanity Cara Carlinni is an impossible thing a runaway psi tech She knows Alphacorp caMega corporations, powerful than any one planetary government, use their agents to race each other for resources across the galaxy The agents, or psi techs, are implanted with telepath technology The psi techs are bound to the mega corps that is, if they want to retain their sanity Cara Carlinni is an impossible thing a runaway psi tech She knows Alphacorp can find its implant augmented telepaths, anywhere, anytime, mind to mind So even though it s driving her half crazy, she s powered down and has been surviving on tranqs and willpower So far, so good It s been almost a year, and her mind is still her own She s on the run from Ari van Blaiden, a powerful executive, after discovering massive corruption in Alphacorp Cara barely escapes his forces, yet again, on a backwater planet, and gets out just in time due to the help of straight laced Ben Benjamin, a psi tech Navigator for Alphacorp s biggest company rival Cara and Ben struggle to survive a star spanning manhunt, black ops raids, and fleets of resource hungry raiders Betrayal follows betrayal, and friends become enemies Suddenly the most important skill is knowing whom to trust.

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    • Jacey Bedford

      Jacey Bedford is an English writer who is published by DAW in the USA She lives and works behind a desk in Pennine Yorkshire She s had stories published on both sides of the Atlantic Her first two novels, Empire of Dust and Crossways are science fiction space opera and follow on from each other in the Psi Tech series There will be a third Psi Tech book, Nimbus in late 2017 Winterwood, a historical fantasy came out in February 2016 Set in 1800, it has a cross dressing privateer captain, the jealous ghost of her dead husband, and a sexy wolf shapechanger A sequel, Silverwolf, follows in January 2017.Jacey is secretary of the UK Milford Writers Conference, a peer to peer workshopping week for published SF writers She also hosts Northwrite SF, a critique group based in Yorkshire She s been a librarian, a postmistress and member of internationally touring a cappella trio, Artisan and still occasionally is for reunion gigs When not writing she arranges UK gigs for folk artists from all over the world.

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    • Here are the basic elements that appeal to me in space opera:* Interesting aliens, weird cultures and larger than life characters, which must include interesting women.* Space ships in action* Emotional complexity* Big ideas—including glimpses of the numinous—without anything being dogmatic* Layered or polysemous surprises*An interesting blend of real science and the handwavium that allows for FTL and Psi, but examines the consequences of both.Any combination of these, with complex character [...]

    • This was probably one of the funnest Space Operas I've read. Cara is on the run from Ari, who is trying to squash her like a bug from his (figurative) throne. She manages to persuade Ben to help her and before you know it, they're on a colony planet with a charismatic cult leader and a group of people who want to go back to the basics and live a no-tech, farming lifestyle. Cara and Ben and the team members with them are Psi-techs, which are tech enhanced psychics. There are some very interesting [...]

    • Highly enjoyable science fiction adventure with romantic elements. In fact, compulsively readable.Cara is a Psi-1 telepath (interstellar range at that level) who is on the run from her former lover Ari. Ari is a corrupt official of one of the enormous corporate entities that seem to have all the power in this future. She comes across Rakesh Benjamin, a Psi-1 navigator who rescues her from a nasty situation. In an effort to lay low they are signed up to spend a year on a colony planet with a larg [...]

    • I come away from this one with a very bland feeling. The characters are very one-dimensional, and their dialogue is very on-the-nose in a way that feels blocked and unnatural. The pacing is weird as well - basically, it's as though the dialogue was written to service a very specific goal in the scene, and then characters shuffle onstage just in time to say their line. That results in characters being very fortuitously present to say exactly what moves the thought along, even if they have absolut [...]

    • Engaging planet hopping read. There is a lot to love in this first book in the series: the gates, Folded Space, the concept of psychically prone people being enhanced and used by the Bigs to further their nefarious profiteering ends. Cara is a good shero, Ben is a good sidekick. The villains are too familiar. We could use a new method of depicting evil without it being a grinning deviant who likes to hurt things. The secondary characters are superb. The Lorients et al, Ronan, Gen, Max Constant. [...]

    • Really nice SiFi story. Good story line and characters. Interesting universe the story is set in. This would be a great book for a new SiFi reader starting to read SiFi stories or a younger reader. Recommended

    • quite superficial novel: noticeable imbalance of the technology level in the different parts of the pictured world, the psi-tech main idea is pretty good, but very weak in depth, way too simple characters and dialogs, incoherent behaviour/thought of characters - one moment they are hard as rock, next one they are full of tears. and the worst - large part of plot revolves around Ben and Cara feelings to each other and their digging in it (ацтоїщє).oh, and the happy-end is like cheap hollyw [...]

    • This is the debut novel of Jacey Bedford. I always try to read debut novels ASAP, since I've been there and know what it's like to have a new book go out into the harsh, harsh world. This is the first of the Psi-Tech novels, and I'm looking forward to the next one.The premise: Cara Carlinni is a psi-tech who's running from the Alphacorp corporation who technically owns her, since it funded the Telepath technology implanted in her head. Escaping is supposed to be impossible, but she's managed to [...]

    • Space Opera isn't dead; instead, delightfully, it has grown up. Empire of Dust, the debut novel from Jacey Bedford, published by DAW, is a fine example of a novel which has its roots in the sub-genre, but grows beyond it.Cara Carlini is a woman with a past, and she's running away from it as fast as she can. She'll take whatever help she can get, though always with her eyes open. She's also a psi-tech, one of the significant minority in Bedford's universe whose innate psionic talents have been en [...]

    • Starting this one, it quickly caught my attention, I really like science fiction that goes in a linear path, one that doesn't try to explain all the nuances of that universes' technology and etc. i.e a particular engine how it runs, how it is built, who built it and etc.Story, story, storyok as simple as it is, this universes' foundation rest solely on individual having the psi ability whether it is psi tech/mech/engineer and all forms of ability and profession further classify you according to [...]

    • This is the debut novel of Jacey Bedford. I always try to read debut novels ASAP, since I've been there and know what it's like to have a new book go out into the harsh, harsh world. This is the first of the Psi-Tech novels, and I'm looking forward to the next one.The premise: Cara Carlinni is a psi-tech who's running from the Alphacorp corporation who technically owns her, since it funded the Telepath technology implanted in her head. Escaping is supposed to be impossible, but she's managed to [...]

    • My brain came close to liquefying and dripping out of my ears, but I managed to force my way through Jacey Bedford's "Empire of Dust" (the first of the two books in her "Psi-Tech" series). The first half of the book is very well-written and interesting, though it's definitely slow (and the sex scenes sure aren't appreciated (though they're mercifully short)). But, the second half just devolves into a horrible soap opera of drivel. Why an author would spend so much time and effort writing a book [...]

    • A good first novel, the romance bit seemed a bit forced but it wasn't a large part of the story. Other than that , most of the character conceptions are decent. The discrimination theme is done well, it wasn't just a collection of good and evil characters. The evil corporation bit was over the top, since this universe has FTL communications, it's hard for me to believe some of the acts left unpunished. I have that problem with modern news nowadays, so perhaps it's more credible than it feels. I [...]

    • I like the meme of badass tough heroine fighting back against the system. This one was pretty well done, but the denouement was disappointing. In particular, the characters appeared to start acting in ways that were inconsistent with how they had been established. They did not ring true. It spoiled the book for me. The end was much less triumphant than it might have been, as the protagonists got goofy while the antagonists started acting stupid. Blech!

    • I loved this book. The world building was engaging and believable. I particularly liked the big picture politics of the mega corporations, and the existence of the equally powerful Crossways criminal conglomerate. But best of all was the developing relationship between the two main characters, Ben and Cara, as they struggle to save both themselves and the colony.

    • I really loved Cara – she is desperate and frightened when we first meet her. Clearly used to dealing with the sleazier side of life, she doesn’t hesitate to sleep with Ben, the pilot who offers to take her off-planet, thinking it’s part of the deal. But over the length of the book, which includes chases, murders and helping establish a colony on a new world, Cara begins to find herself again. Bedford effectively depicts a woman struggling to put an abusive past behind her and build a new [...]

    • I mostly enjoyed this book: it's an interesting world where -- in the future -- some individuals can be picked for their psychic abilities, useful for various aspects of travel, and exploited by the various megacorporations.It's a great book, with a good pace. My only complaint was there were many, many, threads that the book left unresolved until about 45 minutes left, and then everything was resolved too quickly. In some cases it felt like the resolution was ex machina, and not organic.Still, [...]

    • There's a high level of space opera here, but it's imaginative writing, and I enjoyed it. She has a good female lead character. I also respect the author for not making this two volumes, and actually writing and publishing a large novel on its own merits. This is not to say this isn't a trilogy. At least she lasted 532 pages before ending the first, and to top it off, actually at the end of a long plot line section. Thank you, Ms. B.

    • Cara has been in and out of trouble, and Ben is going to be her quick ticket out of the current batch. A very powerful man is very unhappy with Cara, and the things she is carrying around in her head.It was supposed to be a quick ploy, a use and move on situation, leaving her and Ben far from entangled. But Cara's past caught up with her far faster than she had anticipated and her need for Ben turns out to be a more involved affair. Ben has a past of his own, but he is not trying to run from it- [...]

    • I do want to point out that my bias regarding science fiction usually leans heavily toward the fantasy side of things, (Guy Gavriel Kay and Terry Pratchett being two of my favourites), and that in the realm of the science fiction, especially Psi-Tech, I am a not a ‘seasoned’ reader. This being said, I must say I was immediately drawn into events and intrigued by both the situations and the characters, some of whom I warmed to and others I despised, (in the most pleasant of ways). To me the c [...]

    • Jacey Bedford's promising debut novel is a pacey thriller about colonisation and corruption. The world-building is strong: the economics of space exploration and colonisation mesh well with large corporations (who else could afford to bankroll these expeditions?) and the lack of regulation permits corruption to develop. And the idea of particular groups wanting to step outside society to live consistently with their beliefs is worth exploring. But the novel is very clearly a first novel. The plo [...]

    • Empire of Dust was a pick of random. I wanted to reach a fantasy/dystopian book and didn't have enough time to do any research before heading to the library. At first, it was a bit confusing to pick up on the names, planets, etc. It almost felt like I missed out on the prequel or something. However, after getting a chapter it, the storyline started to pick up. Cara, a on the run psi-tech, comes across Ben, a pilot/commander of a fleet that failed in there colonization of planet Hera-3. The story [...]

    • When I first read the back-cover blurb for 'Empire of Dust', I looked forward to reading as it appeared to tick a lot of boxes: cyberpunk-ish space opera with a definite thrilleristic edge. And indeed, during the first few chapters, the plot seemed to deliver on this promise. The main issue I had was that the book transformed into something very different: a complex look at the often antagonistic relationship between psi-tech and settler on a new colony planet. In itself, there wasn't anything o [...]

    • Well, 2015 has started on a good note (admittedly, I started it in late December but still.)This reminds me of the best of science fiction from the 70s and the 80s - stuff like Piers Anthony at his prime or Walter Jon Williams - a masterpiece of world building and an intelligent use of psionics. In addition, it revels in its cyberpunk influences. In fact, this is very much an 80's space opera novel that has been put through a cyberpunk grinder and voila, an excellent first novel. There are a few [...]

    • Read this book last year and I just saw the sequel, Crossways, pop up via my mailing list. While it has some narrative pitstops, mostly due to establishing the ins/outs of how this world operates, it was a pretty decent space opera romp. I personally enjoyed some of the cyberpunk overtones too. The first 100 pages or so might be slow starting for some but I am def. more forgiving when it comes to those sorts of things due to wanting to know details, plus even my favorite classic, Dune, had a who [...]

    • Incredibly intriguing premise aside, I should have known better than to break my nearly inviolate never-read-books-rated-less-than-4-stars rule. This had a very strong first act - quick pacing, inventive premise, deft method of bringing the main characters together. That was followed by a reasonable but weaker and slower paced second act, and then a third act that was so boring I barely finished the book. A waste of a good novel. Don't read.

    • A team of Psi-techs assigned to support a group of settlers through the first year of colonisation of a new planet find their situation increasingly perilous as megacorporations fight over the planet’s resources. One of the Psi-techs is Cara, on the run from a shadowed past that is inevitably going to catch up with her.A terrific book. It’s a page-turner and it’s particularly good on characterisation and plotting, with the story playing out to a satisfying conclusion.

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