Consumed Aspiring author Ben Simmons hates imposing himself upon others so when he breaks down in the small Rhode Island town of Kettering he s forced to grit his teeth and lean on strangers for help It s no

  • Title: Consumed
  • Author: Aaron Mahnke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aspiring author Ben Simmons hates imposing himself upon others, so when he breaks down in the small Rhode Island town of Kettering, he s forced to grit his teeth and lean on strangers for help.It s not all bad, though His temporary host could not be accommodating, and the local librarian quickly takes an interest in Ben, as well as the research for his next novel ThAspiring author Ben Simmons hates imposing himself upon others, so when he breaks down in the small Rhode Island town of Kettering, he s forced to grit his teeth and lean on strangers for help.It s not all bad, though His temporary host could not be accommodating, and the local librarian quickly takes an interest in Ben, as well as the research for his next novel Though unexpected, his short stay has the potential to be enjoyable But when he stumbles upon the second murder in Kettering within a week, he realizes his presence in town might actually be life threatening.Ben soon finds himself torn between leaving as soon as he can and his feelings for the alluring Ellen Hornsby However, the longer Ben stays in town, the questions he has Who is the killer How are these murders connected to similar crimes committed thirty years before And why haven t the townspeople done anything As Ben s list of allies grows, so too does the threat that haunts the people of Kettering Together, these individuals must set aside their differences and find the killer before the body count climbs any higher, but time is running out.Something is in the woods, something hidden among the shadows that grow ever longer with winter s approach, and it s hunting all of them.

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    • Aaron Mahnke

      Aaron Mahnke is the creator, producer, and host of the hit podcast Lore Best of iTunes 2015 2016 , Executive Producer of the Lore television show on from the producers of The Walking Dead , and author of The World of Lore book series Penguin Random House Del Rey.Born and raised in Illinois, Aaron now lives with his wife and children on the historic North Shore of Boston, where he writes and records full time.

    309 thoughts on “Consumed

    • Let me compare and contrast this book with Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot. First, because they're very similar books in terms of intention, plot and tone. But second, because I want to explain how one book can work while another falls flat, even if they're alike on paper. Plus, Aaron Mehnke slipped in references to King already, so it's fair game. Both books are about novelists named Ben that comes to a small New England town and meet murderous supernatural creatures. Both Bens assemble a ragtag te [...]

    • The concept of this book is solid. It really is. The passages that are aimed to be creepy did just that, but the rest just was too much to handle. The dialogue was so forced that I felt like I was reading an episode of 7th Heaven, and I had to draw the line when there was some random anti-Internet rant in the middle of a passage for no reason. I love the podcast, I really do, but I'm gonna steer clear of his fictional writings.

    • I love Aaron's podcast. This book not so much. The only reason I am giving it two stars instead of one is because at some points it was so bad it was good.

    • Really 3.5 stars- more polished than Indian Summer. Definitely Steven King- esque Small NE town, insular communities, inexplicable horrors and strange going ons, outsider comes in, etc. but that's ok- these are all archetypes that work! I like how Manke delves into local lore. Story and characters could be more fleshed out, a lot of this felt rushed. One chapter was exceptionally great, in which he explores the history of one character in detail.

    • Try reading this in bed, in the middle of the night next to someone that lightly snores randomly. I dare you.The prologue grabs you instantly. Then the characters and story are rounded out nicely. The ending left me on edge the entire time.Folklore is woven nicely into the story making for a very fun read.

    • Not badI liked the book overall, but at times it was overly wordy and the dialogue was cringy. His podcast, Lore, is fantastic however. I highly recommend it.

    • This was a book that gave me a lot of feelings and not for the good reasons. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did, and I think there are several reasons why it failed. First off, it's not well written. You can tell it's self published - lots of the the and it's where it's its, which in itself isn't a problem. It adds a certain charm to it and it's not like books with publishers and editors don't have that problem either. It just sticks out so much more when the actual prose isn't that goo [...]

    • Like many other readers, I came to Aaron Mahnke's fiction after listening to his podcast, "Lore," which I love. I must say, I am glad I followed that trail. Aaron Mahnke's novel does not provide the fear and terror that a reader of Stephen King might expect; it's a different kind of scare. Cozy, like sitting in your favorite armchair with a cup of tea and a great book, comfy and relaxed, and BAM! something smashes into the window, scaring the bejesus out of you! Reading this, you'll end up with [...]

    • Spoilers ahead I found this after being a long time listener of Lore. I think I will just stick to Lore. It feel like he was inspired by the Stephen King formula- a small town in New England, the main protagonist is a writer from out of town who stumbles upon something mysterious. You know the drill.The problem is nothing in this story actually drew me in. The characters were all one demensional and the dialog was painful. When a character sees a body that has been mutilated and just says 'That' [...]

    • I really liked the story a lot. I would have given it at least a 4 star rating but I had some issues with the writing. I lost count of how many serious spelling errors there were. I was averaging about 1 every 20-25 pages in the beginning and kept thinking surely it would get better but it didn’t. Then as the book got more exciting I was finding more and more spelling errors. It’s like he got excited and in a hurry to write it and then never went back to edit his writing. The dialogue in the [...]

    • Aaron Mahnke's podcast has easily become my favorite parking garage-to-workplace, workplace-to-parking garage listening. His rhythmic style of speaking and attractive knack for spinning verbal illustrations translates into, what is for me, the smooth jazz of the historical horror genre of online story telling. Obviously, I was excited to read this book. How could I not be? Mahnke is a brilliant story teller! He's superb at painting literary pictures that allow you to see with the mind's eye. His [...]

    • I love Aaron Mahnke for Lore, I now also love him for his role as an author. Consumed really consumed me, I fell into the book and it was like an episode of Lore. I can't wait to read more from Aaron as well as continue to be a loyal listener of Lore. I am also really looking forward to the new TV show for Lore also! Keep it up Aaron!

    • Not my favorite book I've read lately. Found it a little boring & not that believable. All the conversation and tiny details didn't build up enough interest to make me really care about the characters. I did like the creature/murders, but other than that it left me pretty unentertained.

    • Good horrorAn excellent suspenseful horror story. My only quibble is the sometimes heavy handed anti-tech/social media attitude and the fact that literally every N.A. monster is either a Bigfoot or a Wendigo.

    • Keeps you turning the pages.Worth the read, fun time.The characters are likable and I did not want it to end. I guess I will try another of hi books.

    • A good read. The first half could be better but the second half was really good. It would probably be a good intro to supernatural thrillers.

    • Half-way through. I love Lore, the podcast, and find the author's on-air personality appealing which makes my next statement painful to say. The dialogue is so forced, contrived that it actually takes me out of the narrative. The story, itself, is intriguing and I'll finish the book - I'm halfway through (which is far better than the reaction to Glen Cook's Bad Company, Book 1 which I threw across the room in disgust at its utter artlessness) .Mahnke can paint the scene, certainly bring out the [...]

    • So, like a lot of people, I first learned about Aaron Mahnke through listening to Lore, and decided to take a look at one of the books he had written.First off, I should say that there's a lot to like about this book. The prose is well written, the story is interesting and well paced, and there is a lot of suspense throughout. There are definitely some scary moments, and they aren't of the cheap kind either. I love the way he brought folklore and history into it as well. My favorite horror stori [...]

    • Not amazing but not badI love Aaron Mahnke's podcast "Lore", I always look forward to his newest episode. Since I just recently discovered he has written ebooks I can easily access on my phone, and this summer leaves me with time on my hands, I definitely wanted to give his writing a try. The book was alright, I suppose I was expecting more from Mahnke. The conflict was very "Lore" like, but the characters and the plot line were very blah. I think the matter-of-fact way the characters went throu [...]

    • As with many others, I discovered Mahnke via his podcast, Lore. I'd hoped that the same captivating storytelling in Lore would present itself in Mahnke's books, and that's the case to some extent at least.I found Consumed quite an easy read. The characters were easy to get a grip on, though none of them are particularly memorable. However, the story felt unnecessarily rushed most of the time. There's half a book of prelude, and basically the whole plot gets explained in one chapter near the end, [...]

    • Though absolutely everything is derivative, and in fact I could name a dozen X-Files episodes that deal with the same subject more concisely and more compellingly, it's a pleasant enough horror story. Good if you're looking for something light and unassuming. Terrible dialogue though.

    • Good but not great in my opinionIt was alright but a little dramatic. Could have had more ambiance and more frightening scenes. I wish the author handed made himself such an obvious character. Still enjoyed it. Worth it.

    • Fun and intriguing readConsumed is a fun and engaging thriller. The intrigue of myth and monsters I'd crafted well intrigue narrative. It's a definite recommendation for those interested in supernatural thrillers.

    • I picked this one up because I *love* Mahnke's podcast Lore. It wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but enjoyable overall. I will continue to be a loyal listener to his podcast - love his style there!

    • I'm a fan of his podcast (LORE), but Aaron Mahnke gets lost in the woods in Consumed, caught up in mundane details. What could have been a chilling story about a small town winds up just plain frustrating.

    • Picked this up because I'm a fan of Mahnke's podcast. The tone of the story is just as eerie as the podcast and written with the same gracefulness. A quick but enthralling read.

    • GreatFirst time reading this author after listening to his great podcast Lore, the book certainly did not disappoint, go shaheed give it a try.

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