Avarice An exceptionally good crime thriller loved the Scottish setting Gary Miller When a body is found in a remote Scottish glen DI Munro comes out of retirement to investigate The Police chief wants ever

  • Title: Avarice
  • Author: Pete Brassett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An exceptionally good crime thriller, loved the Scottish setting Gary Miller When a body is found in a remote Scottish glen, DI Munro comes out of retirement to investigate The Police chief wants everything wrapped up before the upcoming regatta, but the locals are remarkably unforthcoming with helpful information Sassy and quick, London detective sergeant Charlotte W An exceptionally good crime thriller, loved the Scottish setting Gary Miller When a body is found in a remote Scottish glen, DI Munro comes out of retirement to investigate The Police chief wants everything wrapped up before the upcoming regatta, but the locals are remarkably unforthcoming with helpful information Sassy and quick, London detective sergeant Charlotte West is roped in by DI Munro to help solve what is now a murder case It is good police work that will unravel the truth behind the crime, but not without ruffling a few feathers first Will the killer escape the sharp witted detectives grasp If you enjoy a whodunnit with a twist, this atmospheric novel is for you Set in the coastal town of Inverkip in the north west of Scotland, AVARICE is a straightforward murder mystery with twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction No blood, no gore, no serial killers But it s a cracker AVARICE is the second book by Pete Brassett to feature DI Munro and DS West, the detectives that first appeared in SHE It s not a sequel and can be read as a standalone However, those who have read SHE will have a head start on the characters profiles Look out for Pete Brassett s many other titles on Kindle, including The Girl From Kilkenny, Prayer for the Dying and Kiss The Girls.

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    About “Pete Brassett

    • Pete Brassett

      After a career spanning thirty years as a creative in the design industry, including stints in Paris, London and New York, Pete gave it all up to allow his fertile imagination the opportunity to run riot across the page instead.Drawing initially on his experiences abroad he soon focused his efforts on subjects a little closer to home, in and around his native Scotland, weaving intricate tales of murder and mayhem.He is the author of the best selling crime fiction novels Avarice Enmity and She as well as The Girl From Kilkenny.2016 witnessed the debut of his first work for the stage The Gold of Boggerah which played to critical acclaim in London s Camden Town.

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    • 3.5 stars "Gripping Scottish Detective Crime Fiction" is the subtitle of this novel. Gripping, no, definitely not. Amusing and entertaining, yes. Engaging characters, yes. A whodunnit, yes. Scots, yes - complete with local delicacies such as haggis toasties (!) and lots of Scotch.It was the perfect novel for an evening when I was very tired, put my feet up and switched my brain off (metaphorically speaking). It was read in one go, and it produced some laughs, red herrings and plot twists. Howeve [...]

    • A retired cop gets pulled back in to solve a case. Really? Can policemen just walk back in and go back to work? Where do they get their warrant cards? Don't they have to be surrendered when they leave he force? How do they prove that they are who they say they are? Not a problem for Munro, the 'hero' of the piece. At the start of the book he stands looking out his window and says if he doesn't make it to Gourock the next day, he'll be "Atop yon hill". Unfortunately, he's looking out to sea at th [...]

    • My first Pete Brassett novel and a good one it is! Avarice is a well written police procedural that takes place in Ireland. The main character, James Munro, is a retired Detective Inspector who is called back from retirement to help solve a local murder. He tinkers together a squad and goes to work. The writing is quick and to the point - - short concise sentences that leave nothing to the imagination except who the murderer might be. Is a well constructed story that all makes sense. You have to [...]

    • This was my first reading of this author's work. He succeeded in creating a good team in Munro and West. James Munro is the retired inspector and Charlie West is a young woman detective he has worked with previously and recruits for a special murder investigation. The two are outsiders and are given just five days to solve a murder. A wealth of suspects and motives live in a rather incestuous petri dish, so the solution truly requires this outsider perspective. The bones were good, and I will lo [...]

    • Avarice is another enthralling thriller by Pete Brassett. In a remote Scottish glen, a woman is found partially submerged in a muddy river bank. Baffled, the local police turn to retired Detective Inspector James Munro for help. With the assistance of his former partner, London Detective Sergeant Charlotte West, Munro begins unravelling a murder case with twists and turns at every at every corner. Avarice is a beautifully written fast paced mystery with compelling characters and gripping dialogu [...]

    • Fast, entertaining readIn what smells like a kickoff for a series, Brassett gives us characters we want to hang out with. This is a fast read, but worth the time.

    • InterestingCharacters are well written. Murder has enough twists and turns to make it interesting, but not impossible.I'm inclined to want to read a follow-up.

    • 3.5 stars. I thought this book was quite a bit better than the first one. Some time has apparently passed. Munro has retired to Scotland and West seem to be a much harder character than she was in the first book. This book is still short but longer than the first one, there was no annoying first person and it was not confusing.

    • An enjoyable easy read. Conventional procedural set in a small Scottish town with the two protagonists a "retired" local DI James Munro, smart and well versed in the ways of human nature, and Charlotte West a much younger female DS from London. The plot is mainly advanced by the nicely observed dialogue, so you'll need to pay attention.

    • The ScotsAye, and it is a bit of yarn about evil doings on the coast. Well-constructed and tightly written. Two main characters are played of each other quite well. I will read the series.

    • Nice twistsEvery time you think they've found the answer, something new pops up. Unlike a lot of procedural that create red herrings for interest, these are all completely plausible. Love these protagonists, so I'm to #3.

    • Hard to put downThe characters are interesting and the pace of the action kept me wanting more. Good reading - I didn’t realize that I started with book two and now I plan to read the series.

    • I enjoyed the surprise ending. I liked the characters and their flaws. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.A twist was not getting to know the characters in detail and having them die off one by one. Next book should add to the lead characters.

    • An engaging, yet over-complicated tale. The characters are good, Munro the most developed, the others, even West [whose claim to fame is her appetite] are less so, while the rest, so far at least, are walk-ons. Even the chief [Elliot?] plays a bit role. Nicest thing about it: it's not grim.

    • Like the scottish copper!Well written , great story and good page turner, highly recommendable . Time for the next book in the series

    • I recently read and loved She, the previous novel in the series, for its clever plotting and dry humour so I was keen to read the follow up, Avarice.A woman's body is found in a local burn in suspicious circumstances in Inverkip. The local police feel they don't have the experience to investigate and are loath to ask the local CID after a previous experience so they hit on the idea of inviting ex-DI Munro to do the necessary. He, in turn, invites his ex-sergeant, Charlie West to help him.Munro a [...]

    • Detectives Munro and West are called in to investigate a murder in the sleepy Scottish town of Inverkip. It seems like many of the locals could be the perpetrator, but they are not giving themselves up. It will take the wits of Munro and the confidence of West to bring the real killer to justice. A classic whodunnit, Scandinavian style police drama.

    • Exciting taleGood storyline with complex characters, full of twists and turns. Good quick read keeping the characters straight can be a little confusing

    • Loved it!Great weekend read! Flowed nicely, characters nicely defined, scenery descriptive enough to play along in my mind. Enjoyed reading it.

    • Scottish locale mysteryEndearing mystery with the added spice of things Scottish language, pubs and eccentric characters but the same old reasons for murder.

    • Disappointing read. I found the detectives lacked compassion/empathy & that turned me off. And every time the lead detective said "chop, chop", I cringed.

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