Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way

Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way This approach generates some of the most witty showbiz lunacy since This Is Spinal Tap Sacramento News ReviewWhat you re reading right now is known as the flap copy This is where the words of m

  • Title: Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way
  • Author: Bruce Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780312312619
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • This approach generates some of the most witty showbiz lunacy since This Is Spinal Tap Sacramento News ReviewWhat you re reading right now is known as the flap copy This is where the 72,444 words of my latest book are cooked down to fit this space But how does one do that Do you reveal pivotal plot points like the one at the end of the book where the little This approach generates some of the most witty showbiz lunacy since This Is Spinal Tap Sacramento News ReviewWhat you re reading right now is known as the flap copy This is where the 72,444 words of my latest book are cooked down to fit this space But how does one do that Do you reveal pivotal plot points like the one at the end of the book where the little girl on crutches points an accusing finger and shouts, The killer is Mr Potter I have too much respect for you as an attention deficient consumer to attempt such an obvious ruse But let s not play games here You picked up the book already, so you either A Know who I am B Liked the cool smoking jacket I m wearing on the coverC Have just discovered that the bookstore restroom is out of toilet paper Is it a sequel to my autobiography If Chins Could Kill Confessions of a B Movie Actor Sadly, no, which made it much harder to write According to my publisher, I haven t done enough since 2001 to warrant another memoir Is it an autobiographical novel Yes I m the lead character in the story, and I m a real person, and everything in the book actually happened, except for the stuff that didn t The action revolves around my preparations for a pivotal role in the A list relationship film Let s Make Love But my Homeric attempt to break through the glass ceiling of B grade genre fare is hampered by a vengeful studio executive and a production that becomes infected by something called the B movie virus, symptoms of which include excessive use of cheesy special effects, slapstick, and projectile vomiting From a violent fistfight with a Buddhist to a life altering stint in federal prison, this novel has it all And if the 72,444 words are too time consuming, there are lots and lots of cool graphics.Regards, Bruce Don t Call Me Ash CampbellPraise for Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way It s a great, goofy what if Entertainment Weekly Ultimately, Make Love is a Bruce Campbell novel, starring Bruce Campbell, written for Bruce Campbell fans for whom Bruce Campbell can do no wrong They ll no doubt find Campbell s latest endeavor nothing short of to quote one of his most famous characters groovy The Onion One of the most delightfully deranged experiences you ll have reading this year Hail to the king, baby Rue Morgue

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      Bruce Lorne Campbell is an American actor, producer, writer and director He is best known for his starring role as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy of horror slapstick movies, and has since become a B movie icon.His acting style is an over the top machismo that lends itself well to roles such as that of Ash Williams, whom Campbell himself has dubbed an idiot and a jerk like the rest of us This style is parodied in the film The Majestic where Campbell appears as Roland the Intrepid Explorer in the B movie Sand Pirates of the Sahara, written by Jim Carrey s screenwriter character Campbell also excels at reverse acting , a frequent filming technique of Sam Raimi s where action sequences are filmed in reverse of how they will appear in the film Campbell offers advice about getting into the film industry on his website.Campbell is well known for his trademark sense of humor, which he often couples with deadpan and somewhat sarcastic comic delivery.

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    • This was another library book! So to the top of the currently reading list it goes. People are probably waiting. I'm sure the line for this book must be around the block.Well I finished this book and ultimately gave it a good rating. This in spite of my initial disappointment. I mean imagine my dismay upon discovering that what I thought was to be a "how to manual" on love making from a suave and well known movie star (is "well known" and "movie star" repetitive? Oh well.) turned out to be simpl [...]

    • FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Bruce Campbell fangirl. I have watched the Evil Dead trilogy, Bubba-Ho-Tep, My Name Is Bruce, and The Man With the Screaming Brain multiple times. The only episodes of Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess worth my time are the ones he guest stars in. Jack of All Trades? Totally hilarious.In my deluded little mind, I am the future Mrs. Bruce Campbell.OK, not that last bit. I do have a firm grasp of reality, thankyouverymuch, but I am quite a fan of The Chinsome One in all h [...]

    • So much fun! If you are looking for a book that's actually about Bruce Campbell, read "If Chins Could Kill." If you want a laugh out loud funny, somewhat autobiographical, mostly fictitious story, this is the book for you. "Chins" is funny and informative, "Make Love" is funnier but not so informative.Campbell tells the story of his attempt to supercede his B-movie status and make it in the big time. Every moment in here is embelished for the kind of slapstick humor Campbell is great at and to e [...]

    • This book is stupid. Also, I liked it. I liked it quite a bit. I didn't want to like it -- after all, I'm far too sophisticated. This book has pictures. Pictures!But like it I did. Dangit.This book gave me several laugh-out-loud moments, as opposed to those books that are just funny in an intellectual sort of way. It's the writing style. The story isn't believable, just like the movie Army of Darkness wasn't. They were just lots and lots of fun.If I have one complaint, it's the story arc. The bo [...]

    • Bruce takes a shot at humorous fiction and nails it. He uses himself as the main character, and tells the story of how he gets a shot in a mainstream Mike Nichols-directed drama starring Richard Gere, Renne Zellwegger, and Morgan Freeman as the wise doorman. Bruce basically gives Nichols really bad advice on how to make the movie better, which of course, ruins it. This is both metafiction and epistolary at times, which are two words I just learned this week.

    • I am a diehard BC fan, and I adored "If Chins Could Kill". In fact, I've lent it to numerous friends who had no idea who BC was and THEY liked it. That being said, I was pretty disappointed in this book. Bruce's tone is still engaging. There are still funny moments. But most of the writing is too over-the-top ludicrous without the lanyard of actual reality to bring it back down to earth. And while some people seem to really enjoy the graphics, I found most of them to just be badly photoshopped f [...]

    • When I first picked this book up, I thought it was a follow up to Bruce's memoir, "If Chins Could Kill". I was a little surprised to find out that it is a work of comic fiction starring himself on the set of a movie costarring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger.One thing I know from reading this is that Bruce is a funny guy. The story is fantastical in and of itself, as he ends up in the kind of completely outlandish situations that you would expect to see played out of any of the last couple of m [...]

    • Do you love baaad movies, chock-full of cheesy puns and ridiculous fight scenes? Do ginormous chins make you weak in the knees? Do romantic comedies make you want to puke? Is sarcasm your native tongue? Then this book is for you! Familiarity with Bruce Campbell's work is helpful, but not required. I admit, the story started to flag a little towards the end, but then what B movie doesn't? Definitely a nice break for my brain, and good if you need something to make you giggle out loud.

    • My recommendation listen to the audiobook, Bruce's narration is always worth at least one star. This is wonderfully absurdist comedy of the making of a fictional film.

    • This (hopefully) fictional account of Mr Campbells attempt to jump to the big time by appearing in in an "A" lister rom-com headed by Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger. Very enjoyable, I only wish that I could have seen the finished film.

    • Absurdity has a strange place in entertainment. When we know that a story is true, absurdity makes that story more fascinating and exciting. Things that happen that are out of the ordinary or unexpected make the tale more memorable. On the other hand, absurdity in fiction does kind of the opposite. How many times have you heard the phrase "Oh that would never happen in real life" or "That is so unrealistic" while watching a movie or TV show? Often times we expect a level of realism when it comes [...]

    • Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way is work of fiction about Campbell, for Campbell fans. If you love Bruce Campbell the man, or the character, you'll love Make Love. If you're a fan of high-camp, B-Grade, Hollywood, you'll also find a few laughs, but it's fair to say this may miss the mark for those not familiar with the Evil Dead/Campbell/Raimi legend.But this is a review of the audiobook--not the ink and paper version, and this needs to be stated. Because the production quality is wonderful. As [...]

    • Although I love the flap summary of the book (excerpt from said flap summary: The action revolves around my preparations for a pivotal role in the A-list relationship film Let's Make Love! But my Homeric attempt to break through the glass ceiling of B-grade genre fare is hampered by a vengeful studio executive and a production that becomes infected by something called the "B movie virus," symptoms of which include excessive use of cheesy special effects, slapstick, and projectile vomiting.) This [...]

    • I can't say that I was expecting a whole lot from this book. In fact I had no idea what to expect from this book. The name didn't give me a whole lot of faith in the quality of the book. However needless to say, as you can see I gave it 5 stars, I was rather pleasantly surprised.As long as your familiar with some of Bruce Campbell's works, or are just opening minded, you should enjoy this book. This follows Bruce's rather outrageous exploits as he try's to fight into the ranks of A list actors. [...]

    • I admit I cheated on this one. I "read" it as an audio book.I can't help it, I love listening to audio books at the gym. It distracts me from the humdrum of exercise so much better than regular music. Most books I want to read with my eyes, but some of them I admit that I'd probably never get to so audio is the way to go.As far as this one's a scream. Not sure how I'd feel about it if I read it instead of heard it, but Bruce Campbell is a fantastic narrator, especially for his own stuff.Two thum [...]

    • This man is ridiculous, and I love him. Cool, wry, sardonic, sarcastic… (sigh), he’s perfect! This is a work of fiction, says so right there at the beginning, but I believe you could learn a lot about the film world by reading this. If you don’t really care about the film world, it’s still pretty entertaining. All of the situations are pretty over-the-top but hilarious, and the fact that they are written by Bruce Campbell just makes them that much cooler.

    • "For about a fourth of this book I was very pleasantly surprised - I really enjoyed Bruce's autobiography (If chins could kill) but had serious doubts of a fictional story of the planning and startup of an 'A' movie production starring Bruce as a relationship wizard/doorman. Unfortunately, this proved to be true, as the main part of this short book is quite hard to get through, a bit incoherent and simply not funny. Read "chins" instead! "

    • I thought this was another autobiography. It's not. Campbell takes an element of his real life, then twists it into a funny fantasy. I should say 'warps', not just 'twists'. It is funny, if you like his sort of humor & can get into it for an entire book. I found my sense of humor tripping out well before the end, unfortunately. Still, it was fun.

    • I got Bruce to autograph this at a book signing. It’s obviously one of my most precious possessions. It’s terribly sarcastic the whole way through, and just what you would hope for. If you love Bruce, (and if you don't, we can't be friends), then this book is for you.

    • While a work of fiction, this novel is written in the first person with Bruce Campbell himself as the viewpoint character, and the narrative is packed with living Hollywood figures like Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger. The story involves veteran B-movie actor Bruce Campbell landing a supporting role in a big budget romantic comedy called "Lets Make Love." Over the course of the book, Campbell finds himself a bit of a fish out of water as a down-to-earth working man surrounded by Hollywood elite [...]

    • A fun read, but a bit of an odd duck seeing as, even though it was a fictional satirical work, the fact that it is told by Bruce Campbell in a similar narrative style to his autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and features appearances from real Hollywood luminaries like Mike Nicholls, Richard Gere & Renée Zellweger, you have to keep reminding yourself that this is a work of fiction, but keep wondering just how much truth is mixed in. Therein lies the problem. [...]

    • This is the greatest Bruce Campbell book performed by Bruce Campbell from a script adapted by Bruce Campbell based on a book by Bruce Campbell about Bruce Campbell that I have ever listened to. This book is hilarious! What's really great besides the Campbellian humor is how well the book was adapted for audio. It adds a cast and sound effects. I loved the meta use of sound effects in the chase scene (really, you have to hear it), but I thought the Elizabeth Taylor scene was, while funny, a littl [...]

    • In 1977 Steve Martin released a book entitled, "Cruel Shoes." At the time, and since then, I considered it the funniest book I have ever read. Well, it has now been notched back a spot into second place as Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way is my new King of Humor. This fictional (and maybe not so fictional) account of making a movie is laugh out loud hilarious and is a book that made me keep wanting to read just one more section. It is wildly unpredictable careening journey of a story that I woul [...]

    • Bruce Campbell writes fun fiction as well as he writes fun memoir. It's not quite as over-the-top as the fictionalized best- and worst-case scenario hitchhiking trips that kick off John Waters' Carsick, but it does build from a plausibly comic vision of a B-movie actor seeking to break out of type in a prestige pic to a farcical Hollywood caper not unlike the third acts of Blazing Saddles and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

    • "Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way" is ultimate B-actor Bruce Campbell's second book, the first being a very insightful and comical autobiography (read it if you haven't yet!) chronicling his rise to B-stardom. "Make Love!" was written in much the same way.The story starts with Bruce getting a rejection of his latest book, a travel guide titled "Walk This Way" from his editor Barry. Shortly afterwards, his agent calls and tells him he might land a role in an A-list Hollywood romantic comedy "Let [...]

    • Funny, and trying to remember, maybe Chins that Kill was funnier and this one kind of petered out, or vice versa, but still worth a read.

    • A deeply silly, first-person novel where Bruce Campbell is cast in a prestige picture and infects it with his B-movie virus. It's a novelty book, with huge print and pictures on every other page (mostly of Bruce, costumed, mugging and photoshopped), and broad, broad comedy, but fans will probably want it for the fantastic cover alone.

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